Villagers give up logging for agriculture

The Wildlife Alliance group setup a program in 2004 to help over 200 families living in Koh Kong at the Sovanna Green Village Community find long term sustainable sources of income with the least impact on the environment.

In the past, these families were nomadic rice growers who would clear forests to plant rice and would go about clearing forests in other areas. This had a huge impact on the natural resources, biodiversity and other wildlife in the area.

Ath Noch, the head of Sovanna Green Village Community said that residents were very happy because they were granted land for permanent and legal occupation. They were also given training in agricultural techniques to strategically grow rice on each plot until achieving success.

“They get a different cash crop yield from strategic crop growing. For the community to be sustainable for a long time, the community has just established a plantation spanning 20ha to grow three types of fruit trees, including 1,687 durian trees, 353 rambutan trees and 1,493 Pailin longan trees.

“When this collective plantation is more successful, the community will assist helpless old people and orphans in getting into schools in the future,” Noch said.

In full here.

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