UW Khmer Student Association at the forefront of meeting the community’s needs, organizes April 17 vigil

On April 17 on Red Square a lineup of Khmer speakers, poets and musicians displayed art and work inspired by stories of their roots. Two days prior to the event, the UW Khmer Student Association (KhSA UW) and Khmer American community members were bestowed with a proclamation recognizing April 17 as Khmer Holocaust Remembrance Day by the City of Seattle. “On one hand, Khmer New Year is supposed to be a time of celebration, a time to be with family, to cherish life [blessings] and the rich culture that defines what it means to be Khmer,” said Amarra Touch, president of KhSA. “Yet this day also is the antithesis of Khmer New Year; this day was the beginning of where the things to celebrate were stolen away and inherently destroyed by the Khmer Rouge. It’s a continuous struggle to navigate this pain, but that is exactly what epitomizes the strength and resilience of the Khmer community.” Councilmember Lorena González Rajana Society Cambodian American Community Council of Washington Khmerican Southeast Asia Center at the University of Washington Southeast Asian American Education Coalition – SEAeD
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