University of Michigan Law School Alumni faces charges in Cambodia

University of Michigan Law School alum Theary Seng cut her hair live on Radio Free Asia this past Thursday. It was not for fashion but convenience: should she go to jail the next week, she wanted to be prepared to deal with lice. 

Seng is a well-known political activist in Cambodia. She has frequently spoken out against Prime Minister Hun Sen and his government, criticizing them for abusing human rights and acting undemocratically. Now, the government has charged her with committing treason and inciting social disorder. According to Seng’s lawyer, 60 other activists, most of whom reside out of the country, have been charged with similar counts.

“It’s a show trial,” Seng said in an interview with The Michigan Daily. 

Human rights defenders have criticized the Hun Sen government for politically-motivated trials used to imprison dozens of journalists, activists and members of the opposition party.

In full here.

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