This Berkeley-based documentary project tells the stories of California ‘donut kids’

As a child, Phing Yamamoto worked at her parent’s donut shop, Colonial Donuts on Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland. Two years ago, she left her job at Apple to manage the family business. Photo: Cirrus Wood

In 2017, Phing Yamamoto left Apple to make donuts and couldn’t be happier for the change. Yamamoto is the manager of the Colonial Donuts at 3318 Lakeshore Ave. in Oakland. Her mother Ching Ung and father Phey Yam own the business. “I wanted to spend more time with my family,” she said.

Yamamoto describes her old life in Silicon Valley as a set of “golden handcuffs.” Her work in product marketing finance at Apple paid well, but never stopped. “I was getting on the shuttle at 7 o’clock in the morning, and then coming home at 7 o’clock at night, working really long days and I was like, ‘This isn’t what I imagined my life being.”

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