The emotions overflowed when Prue Leith took a journey to Cambodia in search of her adopted daughter’s birth parents

Prue Leith, 80, decided 45 years ago to adopt 16-month old Cambodian girl Li-Da

She is the no-nonsense Great British Bake Off judge who stepped into Mary Berry’s shoes without batting an eyelid. But when it came to making a heart-rending journey to Cambodia to help her adopted daughter search for her biological parents, Prue Leith admits she became ‘such a blubber’.

Prue made the radical decision 45 years ago to adopt a 16-month-old Cambodian girl, Li-Da, giving her an idyllic upbringing at her Cotswolds home. 

But she rarely questioned if she could have helped Li-Da connect more with her Cambodian roots. Now social media and DNA testing are allowing thousands of children who, like Li-Da, were evacuated before Pol Pot’s genocide to find relatives.

Li-Da, 46, who has recently adopted her own baby, not only felt a burning desire but also a poignancy as a new mother herself to explore her heritage and help Prue understand why it’s important. 

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