The Banh Mi Chronicles: Laughter Is Our Survival w/ Hella Chluy

The Banh Mi Chronicles host by Randy Kim interview Hella Chluy

Meet Phanit Duong aka Hella Chluy for this week’s 2nd season, episode 2 of the podcast.  In his first-ever interview, Phanit chatted about his early upbringing in Washington state after his parents arrived there after surviving the Khmer Rouge.  He reflected on his family’s struggle in adapting to their new community and learning to channel his own struggles through comedy, music, and martial arts.  Phanit and I discussed how comedy plays an important part in Khmer traditions, and as music and dance, how it has also served as a healing outlet and as a bridge between elder and younger generations.  Phanit talks about what inspired his work through Hella Chluy, and what he has learned in connecting through various Khmer-American communities across the US through his comedy and music work. 

Source: https://radiopublic.com/the-banh-mi-chronicles-WedJoL


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