The Banh Mi Chronicles – Building My New Normal Pt 2 w/ Sina Sam

Host and Produced by Randy Kim

(S2, EP 13.2) For this week’s part 2 episode, I interviewed guest Sina Sam, a longtime Cambodian-American community leader from Washington State.  She became the first Cambodian American woman to serve as the Commissioner for the Asian Pacific American Affairs for Governor Inslee’s office in Washington State.  She is the co-founder of the Khmer Anti Deportation Group and is now serving as the Field Director for SEARAC otherwise known as Southeast Asia Resource Center.    For part 2, she talked about how her experience as a teen mom would lead her to be actively involved in reproductive justice rights, and eventually in Cambodian-American / Southeast Asian civic engagement.  She talked about the issues concerning deportations in the Southeast Asian American communities across the US and the group she co-founded to advocate against the deportations.

Part 1:

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