Zenlee - Album Release



Link to Album on Spotify:


So apparently, my DJ buddy has been playing my tracks at the local bar. Been runnin’ into people on the streetz asking me if I still be playin’ out at the bar.


bruh i dont got spotify but gl with ur album. we all gotta start somewhere


not a start bruh. this album be two years in the making. the label just turned 2 this past wednesday.

i teamed up with a music nonprofit. once i hit a certain sales threshold thwy will help with money for marketing prpduction and more. they provide each artist with up to $300k in support per lifetime.


umm yea gl with that


thanks bruh
im confident we can hit threshold. it’s only about 4000 units for the threshold then we each get $25K if we hit target.

we had a music group from north hollywood, ca contact us because they listened to a preview of our track and wanted to help us with radio promos and charting. i reached out to them but not quite ready to execute promo yet.

we got other promoters lined up too but since we never used them before we don’t know how effective it will be.


grinding is hard work but it pays off in the end


yeah bruh it aint easy
and all this time i realize uncle sam (us govt) been taking 30% of my royalties


the cost of living in a civilized society although i question how civilized we are