Your Most Favorite S/O


This thought came up and I’m sure many of us has hopes or is in a relationship. Who was your favorite??

It could be your past or present or he/she hasn’t come yet.

For me, I have one in the past that could challenge my favorite but would be defeated when it comes to being lifetime material.

What’s it worth to you if time is money? In some, time can mean many lifetimes.


My fav s/o would be who i am with now narae. tho we both hard headed as hell. Shes been with me thru the ups and downs. Hard to find someone to stick especially through the thick and thin especially these days. Sometimes the past is better left behind though. But i will have to say my 2nd would be another khmer girl back in the day who I met at school


Exactly, someone who puts up a good fight is worth keeping. Here’s a good Flashback

Lumidee - Never Leave You


Not going good when your current s/o somehow finds out you’re not his/her lake-muay.


The first love. Finding the right one but at the wrong time and wrong place.

The current love. The mature love; the one where we’re together because we want to be together and not because we need to be. We are fine without each other, but are stronger together <3


shit knowing my luck my soulmate probably married to someone else already. but thats all good. i dont mind being the side nigga


She’s out there but isn’t available at the moment.


Currently, my favorite secks offender is a dirty dancing latina who I visit to stave off loneliness. However, she can’t hold candle to my past paramour though. Oooowwee she was one hell of a dick whisperer. I was always left feeling like a rape victim whenever we finished. My grapes would turn to raisins.


All S/O’s were my favorites. They were all sexual dynamites. just being honest. :sunglasses:


For guys it’s probably the one who was very good to them, in bed.


My most favorite shout out was when this girl I had a crush on dedicated a song to me on the radio. I wish I had a casette that day with paper stuffed in the corners so I could have dubbed it. But I would probably have to have known it was coming. Which I didn’t.