When you find someone who


You can’t stop talking and sharing your inner secrets to. Life just handed me some new cards and these ones are looking to be in great shape. I recently celebrated my one month anniversary at a new job. A girl started a week after me and there’s just something about her that pulls me in. Her name is Angel (Khmer translation: Tevada). Italian/Dutch. We have the most interesting conversations. I had feelings for her early on, but hid it because I was still figuring things out between me and Maria. Of course, Maria ignores me completely. I like Angel, and she enjoys our conversations at work too. Keep it on the down low though.


How old are you? You sound like a teenager in love for the first time. You should just be up front about it and ask her out to lunch or whatever kids do these days. What’s the worst that could happen? She’ll say, “no”? I believe the translation would be Tepthida or Tevthida for Angel.


The problem is the girl is married, but she has no kids. I am picking up a lot of signs from her that she wants to be with me though and from other people at work too. At this point in time, the ropes are being untangled, so we just have to wait for events to take place before everything will be in order. Patience is a virtue and I play it by ear. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. But judging by our conversations, I know she’s a definite keeper. I can’t seem to say anything wrong around her and neither her to me.


whos down with opp? lmao reminds me of the song when i read this.playing with fire gonna get burned. hopefully shes not a setup artist. some girls be loving watching niggas get packed out trying to put there dick where it dont belong.


I hate that song! OPP stands for Ontario Provincial Police in my neck of the woods. Ye, I’d get why you would want to be cautious. I’ve been sitting in front of her for the past 3 weeks. I sense no landmines. It was also kind of refreshing when she asked me if I believe in Psychics. We seem to match real well, but I think I am facing a crisis though cuz I feel so different without Maria. I feel Haarm (obese) without her. But Maria never responds to me by text. And the more I talk to Angel the more I enjoy our conversations. Me and Angel clicked by speech. But it seemed like Maria and I had an instant connection. Maria told me things about her without me even asking. Like when she told me she was from Italy, and then she was from Rome. I was extremely attracted to Maria too. I think I am facing a crisis.


yes man. ive always been one to say hey fuck it if she lets me hit why not right but then some of that might come back to haunt you. thankfully im still on speaking terms with everyone ive fucked except my ex wife. LOL aint that a bich. the one person it was vital to be able to maintain contact with i couldnt. fuckin horrible father in every sense of the word.


Dude she’s married. Has it occurred to you that the signals may be false and she’s just friendly and flirty in general?

Just trying to watch out for you but proceed with caution.


no, i ain’t a complete retard. i know how to read signs and signals. plus i have mind reading capabilities too.

she’s married but i know she’s not happily married. she worked at this company 10 years ago and just started again a week after i did. she told me the reason she came back was because she was having an affair at her last workplace. this means she’s not happily married.

she met her husband through facebook and the monk told me you cannot count on facebook for relationships and connections. i even told her this and thats how i know her and her hubby met on facebook.

another thing she doesnt want to have kids with her hubby. im confident that if she got with me she would change her mind. honest to god though, she’s on the thick/chubby side. im not concerned about that though because we connect so strongly. i know that if she lost the weight she would be extra stunning. she was probably depressed anyway thats why she is chubby so i aint gonna keep bringing her down. i be better off making her happy, bringing her up and making her feel beautiful again.

it seems like this company is my home. even the manager has visited cambodia and he says its great there.


The question is, would you want to be with a woman who’s married and had an affair with another man not too long ago?


Seems like there’s going to be another restraining order that’s going to take place.


That girl that did thatvwas Hell’s angel. she tried to act so innocent too.


Keep it professional…don’t mingle love/personal life with work.


deserves you. :sunglasses:


This girl has the knack for reading between the lines of everything I say and do. I was asking a girl if she was going to an occassion cuz she was dressed up. And Angel asks me if I was going to ask her if she was going to a funeral. She was dressed in all black. That’s just one incident. I told her to stop reading between the lines of everything I say and do as a joke but there’s no venom.

It’s hilarious cuz she has this hand sanitizer in the scent of apple cinnamon that i love the smell off when she rubs in her hand. I tell her all the time it smells beautiful when she puts it on. Then I was riding in the car listening to the radio and the ad said…“if he loves the way you smell, but it’s only you’re hand santizer, so what, own it!” LOL I thought that was hilarious

She told me about a psychic expo happening next weekend. I didn’t want to go, but she said her and her husband are going and for some reason I feel compelled to go.

The one time I told her I was going for a quickie (meaning quick cigarette) and she says did you say Quickie. I told her it’s nothing sexual so don’t even think about it LOL


so, you’re going to be a third wheel?


I have a feeling she is going to leave her current guy and marry me.


man i dont feel good heading down this train of thought