When the Universe is on your side


Went to the casino 3 times yesterday/today. Won all 3 times! Total wins $1800!

First win off Roulette, but was small
Second win off Roulette when I hit my big number - $900 off that hit
Third win off blackjack. I mustve won 15 hands in a row.

Amazing Friday/Saturday
We need this more often!

I ended up treating the boyz chillen with me at the casino with steak dinners.


asians love to gamble. never understood why



lol the casino played their cards right. even if they were tied up in litigation for years it still would pale in comparison from having to pay out 43 million dollars.


the cash reward is awesome


U could make a decent living off the casinos. Id much rather get paid to play games then work a traditional sucker job.

I have a strategy though. Go to the casino with only a small amount of cash and try to build up. e.g. I started with $20 the other night and left with $900. Even if I win only $100 or $200 in a night, I would feel happy and return the next night. Its like holding down a traditional job without the traditional suck.


ever had a bad night where you lost more than u wanted?


That was back in the days. Now Im either break even or win. But once in a while I do have those nights where nothing can possibly go right. But that’s where a better gameplan would save me. I try to only bring at most $40 or $50 to the casino with me each time. If I lose I wont go back until the next day. If I win, I cash out, go home, stash some cash and might go back for round 2 or 3 later in the day/night.


sounds like a system that minimizes your loss. hey if it works i cant knock it


my besty asked me to go with him to some place called "Lite a Line’… what is there like?

from what he described… i would never go, though.


The last time the universe was on my side, I landed on the “free parking” spot on the monopoly board game and I collected all the money from the pile in the middle. :smile: