When history repeats itself


I knew for a very long time that I wanted to go back to Cambodia one day and start an organization to help women and young children. I was watching this documentary about human trafficking in Cambodia last night and it was so sickening.

What’s worse is that a majority of the men who contribute to the cycle were Cambodian men themselves. Haven’t they learned from history? How the Khmer Rouge happened and how it was dictated by none other than a fellow Cambodian.

I dislike how uneducated and lack of common sense these so called men are. They carry out brutal gang rapes because they were inspired by a foreign porn to commit the same acts. Hello, news flash, those are just adult actors! What they are doing is a crime against humanity and taking away the future of their victims.

I was telling my husband that if I had the chance to herd all of these bastards into a cell and kill them off the world would be a much better place. I don’t understand how they could think their actions are okay.

EDIT: I was a pretty outraged over this subject matter that I probably said things I don’t mean. But I really hope those men do live a terrible life for their crimes. That part I don’t doubt. I realize that KL does not allow me to delete blogs, so I am going to suggest that here lol I wish Cambodia wasn’t so corrupt and that these women and girls could someday find justice and happiness.


The new Volvo logo that appeared out of ‘nowhere’ in recent years serves to remind us what is wrong with today’s society, from pizzagate to bauk, worldwide.

Traditional khmer clothes for centuries of ancient hindu/brahmin matriarchical Kampuchean Kingdom which were topless for both sexes (as depicted on Angkor Wat) reminds us of how it used to be before humanity’s fall from oriental grace into occidental tyranny.


I cannot fathom how stupid some people are to give Cambodian society a bad name. I was reading some of the comments on YouTube and some people were saying that even UK women were raped and that the country is very dangerous.

It angers me that even after decades of rebuilding itself - the country will never return to what it once was. Yes, the Khmer Rouge happened, but we as a community, we shouldn’t let the past define us and make us weak - if anything it should be the complete opposite.

It seems the country is still crippled for what happened in the past and using it as an excuse for the stunted growth. It’s been 43 years since the genocide happened.

We should learn from our past to create a better future. Those men who contributed to human trafficking shouldn’t be part of the pathway to a country that it working to build itself. They are too blind to see how bad they’re terrorizing their own country. They came out of a woman - so why the hell do they think it’s okay to abuse and kill one?!

My parents were victims of the genocide and I am glad they’re alive to tell their story and create a better future of themselves and their children. We can’t change what happened in the past, but we could change what happens to us and our future.

I read articles about second generation Cambodians committing crimes and blaming the Khmer Rouge for dictating their behavior. This attitude doesn’t sit well with me.


After losing its war on Vietnam, US bombed half Cambodia’s civilian population to death including its rich Golden Era of enlightenment, delivering the remains to Hun Sen who has been dictator ever since.

To celebrate his 40yrs of reign of terror, Hun Sen assassinated the remaining party (CNRP) earlier this year, making Cambodia officially a Communist country.