What's your favorite ice cream?


This has to be my favorite ice cream at the moment :yum:


Chocolate with vanilla coming in second place.


i am a big fan of cherry garcia. only because cherry is my favorite flavor for some reason. lol cherry soda ftw


There are so many types of chocolate and vanilla. Plus…the different types of ice cream and brand. You’re being far too vague.


I’m not a fan of cherry flavored anything. It doesn’t bring you back memories of flavored medicines for kids? The grape ones are as gross. Lol


Sorry LaLa, you’re right. I just don’t eat too much ice cream to begin with but those flavors tend to be the most refreshing to me.


not really lol because i hardly ever get sick even as a child i probably only had that cherry cough syrup once or twice in my life


My current favorite.

Use to be cones.

But honestly my fat ass would eat anything sweet put in front of me.