What should KL become?


Hello KL,

What should KL become?

This question has always been in the back of my mind since its first inception as AreYouKhmer.com. Back then (in 2000) the vision was to connect Khmers and friends alike from all over the globe. I think we succeeded.

Times have changed, technology has changed and the way people connect has changed. So…Is KL falling behind with the trends of social media sites like Facebook and Snapchat? Is falling behind even an issue to begin with? Maybe not. Maybe it’s ok to have a simple forum website that serves as a connection point for those of us who grew up using AYK/KL and just want to stay in touch. However, this doesn’t answer the initial question “What should KL become?”

I’ve always envisioned KL had a greater purpose and was more than just a place where bored people hung out to joke around or some times even pick fights with each other. I’ve always felt that there’s more.

I’ve recently connected with many KLer’s on Facebook and have been following posts (not stalking) and it has really given me a broader view of our beloved KL community. We have some really awesome people. Photographers, artists, musicians, models, dancers, videographers, donut shop entrepreneurs, mechanics, top-secret agents and the list goes on. You can unfriend me now if you’re uncomfortable with any mentions here. My point though is maybe I’ve answered my own question and that is we’ve become KL.

Thanks for your continued support and love for KL it really means a lot.




the old kl rocked why did it go away again?


People change, I guess everything will change.


In order to answer that question, you gotta figure out who are your target audience? What’s the goal now for this version? Are you still trying to connect khmers from all over the globe? I feel that running a website, you will need some sort of advertising plan to attract your target audience.

As to now, I see that the audience are mainly previous members; many of whom are here incognito. It seems like some people are here to get away from reality, the reality world where they are seen as the awesome people :stuck_out_tongue: Should we have a section where we take recognition of people? Maybe it’ll encourage others to come out and influence kl to grow into something more.


KL should be like a hybrid. a mix of some FB you know where ppl can update their profiles and kinda have their own little space with a little yahoo but without all the political bias. objective news


Here’s a question, if it’s a fair question to ask. What gives people a reason to be on the forum?

When all users do is dump links in their posts it gets boring quickly. I’ve seen this so much. All that is is redirecting to the source. It’s spammy.

Another thing, what topics make people interested. If people see too many boring threads they are going to be bored. More people pay attention to dumb stuff than something that is more important. This is how the population or society has been conditioned.


content-rich, like reddit.

theres so many educational articles already on other sites waiting to be shared, but the k community won’t have any exposure to them unless they see them on here or wherever they robotically resort to soCIAlizing, like FB, twitter, etc


It should become chaotic.


It should become an outlet of some sort where you can say what’s really on your mind. A kick-back joint where strangers become friends, friends become enemies, good girls become hoes and hoes become wifey. Share your lamest thoughts and desires with unyielding fervor. What you wouldn’t do on facebook and twitter perhaps you can do it here? Dunno?


you can already say whats on your mind. i really have no issues with kl. i would say that this is a very relaxed atmosphere already.


Yeah, we don’t want this to be a place where mods are needed. There are a few who get out of hand but that’s expected, it’s the Internet after all. Definitely want this place to be a low key release your thoughts with not so much drama kinda place. It is what we make it out to be.


its the usual suspects. trolls with multiple accounts that like to stalk the girls on here and create drama. i cant remember how the drama all started but its usually almost always some fool that gets his feelings hurt and feel like they got played so they gotta go around talking smack on kl. if im wrong feel free to correct me but 9/10 its some hurt fool who starts the drama


You’re at least 99.9% correct I’m certain.


yea which is why i steered clear of all that stuff. i know kl is notorious for ppl trying to hook up but my motive was pretty straightforward i came here to bich about my divorce lol. im over that now


I’ve had my period too. It was so yesterday now. It sucks when kids are involved though.


yea for a while i didn’t think it would ever end but one day i woke up and realized i gotta man up and let go… my little boy is loved and im happy that he will have a good life without me. and its not like i plan on staying away forever. in a few years when i save up enough money ill probably try to visit him.


I’m not sure what it should become since I am still trying to find out what it is. I thought it was a dating site for Khmers. Like a Cambodian Black Planet. Or an Asian Avenue excluding all Asians except Khmers.

I guess I just want it to become active? Not sexually though. I’m practicing cyber abstinence. Last time I poked something I shouldn’t have online I got a virus. Me and my computer


I’ve been an avid supporter of this site for years, since AYK. Albeit, I haven’t been as consistently active, but I do sign in from time to time to see what’s new with KL.

The one thing I’ve noticed is that it seems like the site changes its interface constantly, but the meaning and purpose behind bringing the Cambodian community together has never changed. And that’s why I return.

I would love to see the old features from the original site come back. To be frank, those were the glory days.

I don’t think it would be a good idea for KL to mimic Facebook or Snapchat, but serve its own purpose. Most people use different social media platforms because it offers them a unique incentive that other platforms don’t have.

Looking forward to seeing the KL community continue to grow :smile:


Should be a place where aspiring musicians can jumpstart their careers. Here’s KL alumni ZENLEE (DJB, Boross IT) still fearlessly chasing the dream. Posted only 3 months ago, already reached an impressive 69 view count!! Future looking mighty bright for Sunrize Angkor Records.


LOL. Make that 70 views. Glad to help a brotha out, even if his rapping gave me a migraine.

youtube already has a Sunrise Records and a Angkor Records…and Zenlee is in between with “Sunrise Angkor Records” LOL