What makes you happy


Hello all, newbie here. Hope all is well.

Just thought I post something since I signed up here about two weeks ago.

As I gotten older, Im starting to think that we tend make things more complicated than it is. All I care now is comfort and I’m happy. Comfortable shoes, comfy pants, comfy car and comfy house. Life seem to better this way.


Seeing my love ones happy, makes me happy.



Simple life, that is all.


darn it, forgot my password for minute. I’m back xD


What makes me happy is not conforming to society norms. You have to spend a certain amount, buy a certain brand, use fuel to get to work, do what everyone else is doing. If I buy my things straight from the source and cutting out the middleman, that makes me happy that I know what I’m paying for. Granted, many might and will lose their jobs from lost sales but closer these days, it’s a dog eat dog world. I’m all about efficiency not only for me but as an entity and in all what makes me happy is cutting out the fat in life.