Welcome to KhmerLife!


Ok, here we go again!

Let’s see if we can get everyone back here since the early days of AYK. Lol



Only time will tell…


Turned on my old laptop and KL was saved as my favorites, decided to click on it for the heck of it and BAM it’s back on lol.


KL will never die. It will just keep resurrecting itself haha.


Yay!!! I really thought it was going to be the end of kl but it’s back :sob::+1:t4:


La aw! my newer laptop died and is taking forever to restore tonite so I turned my old one and it was here on kL page so thought i’d show some luv… muah


well that’s one way to make people miss it.


Lol I was going to hit you up about it hahaha


would be helpful to remind some fb friends that it’s back up. also the kl on fb should post something about new resurrection of kl.


How many times has this place died and then come back? I was willing to accept that this place was gone.


well, the easiest way to make it gone is to not visit and check up on it in the first place. but you cared enough to actually make an account and post. bravo and cheers to you.


What makes things different than before this place went down? Even though it came back it’s still dead in a sense.


You know i have to admit. i am happy that KL is back. to be honest I never new it left lol. i had taken a long hiatus from most of social media to focus on school. did me tons of good but there was something lacking. in a way i did miss the people on kl. it was a real shit show back then and was real toxic lol. and im pretty sure a lot of the people felt i was the reason for it so i decided to take a break from it all. im glad that this site has been revived again because summers coming up and i have nothing but time on my hands. keyboards warriors get them fingers ready.


Can it please not disappear again? I think whenever there’s a revamp, members grow disinterested in having to re-establish themselves and as a result, leave permanently or create new accounts to stir up drama just for the heck of it. There were a lot of times when trolls and spammers took over KL - which also turns off many members into quitting. Let’s not give them ammunition by letting this once beautiful site become a wasteland.


it’s less dead if you keep participating, so keep it up. thank you.