Vegetarian Food


Someone please explain this one as I’m not a biased person towards plant based food as I’m a Morning Star veggie burger lover.


alongside a bowl of bai… khmai style! :+1:


someone get this girl a cup of water with tre ngeat


$75 for a smoked watermelon? Mark up at it’s finest.


I’d like to know what it taste like.


i just thought it was funny she couldnt say whether she liked it or not.


“Everyone should try this dish at least once”

That being said, just try it once and no more.

Plus anything damaging to this restaurant could mean a lawsuit.


next thing u know they’ll glaze it with pineapple slices and maraschino cherries… presto it’s a $50+ vegan ‘HAM’


Jack fruit as meat


I want my time back + therapy session fees for what I just saw. There’s no way this tastes like pulled pork.

This one is tried and trued by myself. Portabella mushroom bacon

Grilled or seared on a skillet

Portabella Mushroom
Black pepper
Sea salt
Olive Oil


Ikeas veggie balls


today a viet chick at the cash register in lil saigon (westminster) was trying to make conversation but she speak like zero anglai!

she was saying something like NGUK NGO NGE over and over after i paid then finally asked me for my number in english after i paid saying ‘I COOK YOU CUM TAM’… huh? wtf?!


Her taco ain’t vegetarian :rofl:


afraid of getting Ecoli disease from plants


more tryptophan in jek than even moan barang!