The Spaghetti Thread


I know strange question you may ask but a 1975 etiquette guide states I should twirl my spaghetti in a spoon before savoring the flavor?

Have I been eating it wrong all of my life by taking a few strands, cutting it with a knife and shoveling it down my mouth? Who is to tell me there is a right way to eat it?


My daughter likes me to chop it in bite sized strands so that it doesn’t get her dirty. She has to have a napkin to the side to wipe her mouth. If the strands too long, I’m to cut it smaller. I’m the stand by servant.

Oh, and she always request for extra shredded parmesan cheese on top.


This is a retarded post.


My way is the right way. Follow Zenlee, he will save everyone’s day.


Etiquette is just the social norm to do things of a culture or country. In America, there are not many etiquettes that people care enough about. In other countries, if you don’t want to be in the social norm, don’t visit or you’ll be punish by deportation, imprisonment or killed.


Not to stray off topic here because we do that a lot, but can you cite or reference or article where someone has been punished by deportation, imprisoned or killed by eating spaghetti the wrong way?


I’m ok, you could do the research yourself. I was saying “Etiquette” in general.


You must be fun at parties.


Have you guys had jolibee/Filipino speghetti? If so, what do you think of their version of spaghetti? I know that they use banana sauce and hotdogs, something different.

If khmer people were to make their own version of spaghetti, we probably would add tuk trey in it lol


I like to watch the Hellthy Junkfood couple make food and they did make a Jollibee Filipino Spaghetti dish. I had an experience once when a cousin in law made the dish and it was a quite a new experience for me. Hot dog in Spaghetti and to top it off, sauce in the same pot. Yes there are cultural differences but I always poured the sauce on top of the starch when I’m ready to eat so I got hit with 2 cultural differences with the sauce being in one pot and having hot dog in it. It hit me hard but my cousin in law chowed down like “Mom’s spaghetti” which it was but it wasn’t my mom’s spaghetti.



Twirl 2-3 times around the fork.
Inhale, exhale.
then suck DEEP.


Am I in the right thread?