The Real Story of all the BS




Fill us in:

  1. You work at Mobility 1ST

  2. Shawn Stevens is possibly your record label promotions agent or manager at your current job?

  3. Hells Angels girl is someone you’ve made an agreement with to get married? I’m guessing she only rides with Harley riders overseas but Harley is an American brand unless she is affiliated with a different group.

  4. Are the people you are associating with believers in reincarnation and if not, it might be best to keep it to yourself.


i make believers out of nobodies.


There are Hells Angels are overseas and you don’t need to ride a Harley to be in the club, as long as it’s American made. Time is changing and Harley is going to the EU. I’m affiliated with the Hells Angel and I own six motorcycles and none of them are Harleys. Attached are my two main rides. A Fatboy clone I built myself and my 1100 Scout


He’s asking for a detailed back story. Like Who are all these people that you’re talking about? I know that you spoke about them in your prior post, but there are so many post that people can’t keep track of.


had a weird morning dreamare of a video cover of ‘Sound of Silience’ with khmer rouge interludes and scenes (ie the dead kids pics and flung babies shot in air and flick of the Jews’ holocaust) and it was viral like the new 'we are the world, we are the children;.
woke up wonderin who recorded it, BorossIT?!


nope, it wasn’t me, i dunno watchu talkin about


its all BS anyway, i was tryna move on, and i lost out on a $300,000/yr contract with a real estate company because i went on the run. i have moved on tho. met a girl when i was in hospital and i told her that she can be my gf. i went to see her today after i discharged myself and she was so happy to see me. we sang some songs together as a group in the courtyard then i left. she wants me to see her again tomorrow.