The Diamond Ring


Picked my diamond ring back up today. As soon as I put the Diamond Ring back on, Dalin’s name keep hitting me. I ended up telling JenEva that I have a wife waiting for me in Cambodia but we can go out for dinner as long as we do not go beyond being friends.


There was a reason for this, but I’m hoping #JenEva will be able to understand why I did it. She’s gotta be tha one. I feel her so close to me. Third date gave us some time to talk and reflect. Let us have time to discuss where we headed. If she my girl she will come thru. I know she wanna move in with me. I need her here with me. But we taking each day slow. One day at a time.


We went to taco bell yesterday for lunch then to the casino tonight.


She picked out a ring and saved $700!


lol u gave her a ring? or she jus wearing it for fun lol


im doing payment plan on the ring. once it paid off im going to do proposal.


i honestly dont believe in marriage anymore but handle yours