The cocktail dress & the weirdo Trump supporter


Last weekend, I went to my local thrift store to find a cocktail dress for work. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a new cocktail dress. Plus thrift stores always carry unique items. Anyway, my company is flying me on a business trip to New York at the end of this month to have 20 or so meetings with our business partners. It will be an exhausting week, but at the tail end of every business trip at these marketing conferences, is an After Party. This is to celebrate all of the week’s hard work. That’s what the cocktail dress was for lol.

Anyway, back to the thrift store. That day, the computers were down, so every customer had to spend at least 10 minutes at checkout. What was more daunting was this one customer, who looked very republican or right-winged. And by very republication or right-winged, I mean he had the “Make America Great Again” hat on and the words that came out of his mouth that day were poisonous and completely obnoxious.

I was the fourth in line and he was the second. The person behind him or in front of me had sneaked in the line to cut the elderly woman who was originally in front of me. Instead of giving him the “hey buddy, you shouldn’t cut and get back to the end of the line….” He started singing and then preaching about the lord Jesus Christ. I know there’s a time and place for everything. He didn’t seem right in the head and people were staring at him. I didn’t want to make a sense so I just ignored him.

Then when he it was his turn at the register, he told the cashier that he hated democrats because they liked killing babies (I think he was referencing that they were pro-abortion). I have no political stance on this since I consider myself neutral, since both sides have their pros and cons. But man, I haven’t encountered such an obnoxious person as him. I wanted to say something to him, but sometimes, it’s better to leave things unsaid. I am baffled by how many weird people I come across. Stay tuned for my story at the DMV. Lol.


tis a bloody shame theyre staging yet a nuclear false flag again in nyc. (yes, wtc were nuked).

my 3 top memories of nyc:

  1. 9/11 (2001)
  2. girl cousin pumped full of 40+ bullets afront her own house (2012)
  3. onliest sibling, an airforce vet, dying of cancer following chemo (2013).

again… Godspeed, have fun, be safe, oun!


ive seen worse from hillary supporters


What?! Where in the world did you hear that from? I’m all for conspiracy theories, but maybe sometimes things happen by coincidence. I hope nothing bad happens anywhere anymore. I am sick and tired of hearing innocent people dying and news of the world crumbling. This is why I fear even having kids, because the economy and the world is rotting and I don’t want my kids to grow up in a society full of depression, fear, corruption etc. I am mainly looking forward to NYC because of the food. I love the variety and find the quality of food there better than Los Angeles.


i left new york when i was five. only thing i remember is playing stickball with neighborhood kids. i was the baby didnt get to bat lol.