Tesla Model 3 - Waiting for VIN & Delivery Date ;)


My Tesla Model 3 has been configured!! White with black interior and aero wheels. Estimated delivery date should be 3-6 weeks. :grinning:


Super jealous man. Make sure to get that 65% plan and always take close up pics before each trip on Turo.


loving your choices of cars

a natural upgrade from your prius


So i was looking at this car and everything about it i like. Except for one thing…my whole life I’ve always fixed any mechanical problems that my car had. This is an electric car…i have no clue what to do if or when it breaks down lol. Thats what gets me nervous about hybrid/electric cars…


Haha… I still love my Prius.


I’m hoping an electric car will have less issues. :grinning:


Yeah thats what I figured. The price is right but the wifey says a house first lol


Gratz @Thy. Lol i was just looking at the cost of the s a bit ago… lol i told my girl we can do that price lol… she was like hell no .


yeah no… I think my wife would kill me too at that 2k price per month. Haha.


You’re welcome. Naw I’m just kidding @Thy. It was chill talking and helping you today.


Haha such a small world… thanks for taking care of my Tesla loan. Can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow afternoon. :wink:


Now im curious at what your payments are since we know the person who helped you with the loan lol.


Just picked it up today.