Switching from Canon to Sony


Have anybody switch over since this post was started?


I used a d700 and a d750 for one of my portrait sessions. The clients preferred the d700 pictures. That thing is like 10 years old!


That’s a great picture! She is also beautiful


That’s awesome! I bought the D750 after I dropped my D700 in the river during my vacation in Hawaii. I prefer my D700 over my D750. I’m selling my D750 to pay for the A7III. It’ll cost me about 5k just for the camera and lens that I want. Sony lens are crazy expensive!


My A7iii came in and it’s alright. My Nikon ergonomic is a lot better. I bought the Ziess 55mm Prime to go with the camera. Planning on buying 4 more lenses and I’ll be done. Here’s a sample shot: