Switching from Canon to Sony


So I recently switched over to Sony A7iii from canon 5D3 after testing it out a few times at the store. The Eye AF is godsend. I can consistantly nail focus all the time without having to look at the screen after every shot…so easy!!! The lens is a little expensive though but the good thing is even the cheap sony lenses are tack sharp compared to Nikon or canon equivalent.

So far I got a 16-35mm 2.8 Gmaster and a Zeiss 50mm 1.4. Planning to get an 85mm or zoom telephoto for portraits and stuff.

Funny thing is my Canon 85mm 1.2L II is sharper on the Sony A7iii !!!


I like that. I’m getting one soon to. Canon lense on a sony looks dam sexy


Let’s see some pictures. How good are they with the Sony and fast lenses? Full Frame cameras are too expensive for my budget. I have no spare organs to donate.


I Love my sony a7riii =).


Nice! I’ve heard great things about the A7rIII.


With a new camera like that I’d expect it to be less grainy. I mean I want one as well. But it doesn’t look that good in low light from that picture. What ISO was it?


I’ll be getting a Sony A7 III soon. :smiley:


Had a canon switched over to sony as well. i like my sony but broke the extendable lense. need it replaced asap.


Nikon finally jumped on the mirrorless wagon!


Nikon Mirrorless is no good as of now. Maybe within the next year or two. I’m a Nikon guy and I shoot with a Nikon D90 and D750.


I don’t think it’s the camera, but no offense to @Therra_Chhay I believe it’s user error. His F stop is low for the bokeh but I believe he didn’t crack up the ISO for low noise.


You’re right about it being no good right now. The lens selection frankly sucks. Lot’s of potential, however. By one to two years’ time the price should go down as well. The Z6 is more than plenty for most kinds of work.


The Z6 claim to be a mirrorless D750, but for 2k body only and $2,600 with the kit lens. Better off buying the actual D750 for $1,400-$1,700. I was looking forward on getting the Z7 but reviews and spec is nowhere near the D850 that it claim to be a mirrorless version of. I’m in no hurry, I could wait a year or two. I still have my trusty D750.


So what’s your move? Did did you get one?


I can definitely cop the a7iii right now, but the more I think about it, I can’t justify spending almost 2 racks on it… lol will %100 sure grab it when it hits the $1000 mark…This Nikon d5100 and canon t2i I have still have plenty of more mileage on it so i’ll Just be patient and wait it out…


Yup! That’s 2k BODY ONLY! With lens and everything, it’s 3k! Isn’t it expensive to use two different formats? Also, both cameras are old, but they still take amazing photos


Funny thing is I got the canon t2i from a friend that didn’t think it works anymore, all I had to do was switch a few settings here and there and wallah it’s running again lmao…I honestly like it better than the Nikon d5100. A 50mm was all I needed on that canon body…thinking of scraping whatever money I can from the d1500 for the a7iii upgrade…I’m not one of those guys who needs the latest and greatest gadgets or what not…but grabbing my first mirrorless cam is a must and the a7iii is the winner…


That’s cool, I was thinking about getting a Sony mirrorless but I’m in no rush. I still have my trusted D750. I want to wait another year or two and see what Nikon does to their mirrorless format.


I’m still killing it with a decade old camera! Once the camera is good, it’s good.


Yup! There’s nothing wrong with old cameras. If I were to post a photo from my D90 and my D750, most people wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.