Strip club song


Was in Niagara with a couple buddies last weekend. We ended up at a strip club amd we all be getting private lap dances. Got to smack the booty up and have her on my dick. I ended up doing some of my encoded rap and she kept asking what it meant. I told her it doesnt matter what it means, its how it makes you feel right? She suggested that I rap about the strip club. I told her I would do that and that if I make $10 million then I will give her $1 million. When she was on me I told her that she smelled nice and she said I was really charming. Got a double dance. Me n my buddies had a good time out.


I’d give you a lap dance for a 10% cut. It doesn’t even have to be $10 million. $10 is fine too. I’m a really cheap date.



Anyway, so I be sure I overhear one of the Johns or somebody say that imma be savin her. Time to get tha paper stack up.