State of the world we live in


Seems like our world is getting worse and worse and doesnt look like it will be getting better anytime soon so whats everyones hopes so far.


Don’t brainwash yourself with what the media wants you to hear. Remember your scientific studies from 7th grade and base your knowledge off of that. It’s not how things are going for the worst but how you can make humanity better. I’m sure you recycle but as the population grows, we will soon need more grain to feed our protein appetite. Just remember protein comes in more forms than live meat like cows, pigs and chickens but when worst comes to worst, our future will eat insects.



You can’t trust what the education system tells you either.

We live in a world full of lies.


What is your opinion on those things?


Im pretty sure there is some truth and then some speculation. Im fairly sure we are not privy to the full extent of the plan


You sound like another modern day hippie that’s against the system. I’m sure you graduated from that public school and that’s where your education ended then Youtube taught you after that.