Something does not add up


we were the first to break the 1500 and the 2200 likes mark on instagram page yet our stream count on spotify has not been affected. plz tell me they all decided to buy the album instead.



Request for your music to get added to


we’ve taken down our youtube channel for the time being. we are working on producing official videos to get the channel back up.


feel free to post any of my songs on youtube posted by my publisher.



SDNAU is perfect title for ur next album/song, for tis the epitome of these times.


I got you! I’ll support your cause! Just downloaded it on iTunes


I already have a name picked out, but it’s not SDNAU, whatever that means


Thanks bruddah! I appreciate the support. Our second album is going to be even more epic! Watch for it too!


ur thread title.

interesting, is it a band or a one man gig?


Good article for you to read called “The Music Modernization Act” since it applies to you.