Snoring partner


What do you do when your significant other isn’t so significant in their sleep. My bf snores like thunder and a lot of times I can’t sleep. Help.


Record it for him to hear how noisy and unhealthy and see if he tries to reduce it…there’s likely multiple remedies on YT


I usually move and face the other way, which then wakes up my husband and his snoring stops. I am a light sleeper and there’s some days when I feel like I only got two hours of sleep because his snores constantly wake me up. He’s doing a lot better now and sleeping more peacefully. I found out that snoring happens because the person isn’t sleeping high enough, so usually I’d wake up to adjust the pillows for my husband and then he stops snoring lol


When my future baby mama snores I just start spooning her til she wakes up so I can make the future nearer


I’ve tried that. It’s so funny because he sounds so much louder on the recording :joy::joy::joy: his only way to reduce it was to migrate to the living room.


Thank you, I will tell him to try that lol. It sucks when you’re a light sleeper.


Snoring happens when the mouth starts to open during sleep. Find away to keep his mouth closed. :grin:


lmao!!! women always gotta find something to complain about.


ehhh theres no real cure… i mean they can participate in a sleep study to see if theres more going on? such as sleep aptnea


Id use to nudge her hard enuf so she’d wake up n Id pretend to be asleep. I know I’m not the only one that does this either