Should khmer girls act like this?


I was having a debate with some other dude on youtube just wanted to get you guy’s feel of the situation.


Forgot to add link of video:


Damn dude was harsh. I wouldn’t agree with what he said but I do agree in the part where they shouldn’t be making those idk sexual content in front of kids and the elders, keep that stuff at the club.


There is always that group of girlfriends that probably had a little too much to drink and start exposing their ratchetness without realizing it due to the fact they are just having fun. But dude is right on some point. People should act accordingly on certain gigs. This is a wedding for crying out loud there will be elders, children’s, and maybe even relatives that are there. You really trying to show your ratchetness like that? c’mon now lol…It would be nice from time to time to see a khmer sista get themselves involved with the khmer culture and step their apsara swag up!! Now that is attractive lol.


there’s the old me that cares about what the elders might think and then the party me that says who gives a joy.


I feel the same way lol but still I wouldn’t dance like that in front of the elders though.


I thought it was funny on how the video is edited. they constantly switched the video clips with the girls being ratchet (probably later on the event) to when older folks and kids dancing and made as if it all happened during the same time lol.

But to answer the topic, if there’s a social function and alcohol is involved, there will be at least a few people going wild.


can’t deny the fact those girls are totally wifeable. don’t you just wanna papoun them?


Those are my type of girls, classless and liberated. Knowing that I didn’t corrupt them is all the better. :heart_eyes:


My next ex-prapons for sure. J/K. Alcohol can definitely make you forget where you are but I think that’s kind of the point, let loose. I’m not saying it’s right especially in front of kids and elders but this seems to be the norm these days. Weddings in the 90’s didn’t really include modern American music. Times have changed and bands play modern American music so they can take a break and that seems to be the time when the wild energy comes out especially after a few shots or 10.


this is america. jong ban brobon khmai hainh duy srok khmer rok duy.


Dude sounds bitter for not having a classy Khmer girl in his life.


They’d be hotter if they played Fortnite. FTW