Rollercoaster of Life


Waddap KL! How errbody be doing? Former member and a lot has happened:

  • Was on the run from the cops for 3 months between December and March
  • Cops caught up to me and I went to jail twice in March and April
  • I finished my album
  • Landed a job after jail then got fired
  • Was hired at an Italian Bakery where I met Maria (quite the story)
  • Performed my song in May and the crowd loved it (but there’s a twist)
  • Back in my hometown now
  • Our label is about to become a partnership between 8 people


LMAO. get help my brother its never too late


Got a lawyer on my side dealing with the BS.

But I quite confident I found my girl:

  • Everybody at the Italian Bakery loves me
  • When I went to the interview the Manager asked if I was single or married
  • The manager told Maria to get me a coffee
  • Out of nowhere Maria tells me where she’s from

Maria is from Rome, Italy and lived in Brooklyn, NY before coming to Canada.


haha i hope you come out of it all right. catching a case aint no joke. it can really fuck up ur life


Zenlee’s track performed at the Coast to Coast Live - Toronto Edition Rap Battle on 05/30. Critically acclaimed performance drop-kick.

This track came together alongside the majority of Zenlee’s tracks - while he was on the run for 3 months from police, before they caught up to him and threw him in jail. With the focus to get his album completed, this track was born in the heart of J&F in Toronto/North York.

Fighting against time, this track recorded & produced in 3 hours from start to finish on the night of the performance.


i actually didnt think it was too bad.