Request: Angkor Wat High Resolution Picture


Hi, Everyone. Does anyone have a high resolution picture of Angkor Wat in landscape? I am trying to get a custom made 5 panel canvas print. It needs to be high quality, otherwise the product will turn out to be pixelated because I plan to have one that is the size of around 65"x35" on my living room wall. I am having a hard time getting a good picture of this magnificent historic temple.

Let me know if you guys have direct links, saved files or any suggestions. Good looking out, thanks.


I’ll photograph it for you when I visit in a few months.


Thanks, bro. I ended up going through google images, chose the above snapshot and did a 5 piece canvas set up from a site. I hope it comes out good. Waiting for the delivery.

i’ll take a picture of what it actually looks like after hanging them on my wall.


That’s pretty good! is the photo big enough to print it canvas?


Yes, the photo’s resolution was big enough. Well, maybe I am nitpicking, but it did not come out as I wanted it to be I guess I wasted over a hundred bucks. I think it is my fault for choosing a picture that was not meant for a canvas print? I don’t know, I’m new to this.


take a photo of it and post it here, i would like to see it. You could use any type of photograph for canvas printing but you must have enough megapixel to blow it up. If not, it’ll just look pixlated like the original Super Mario video games.


You can usually get a good licenced photo from the major stock photography sites. You just have to make sure that you get the right licence for your usage. It comes with multiple sizes, so select the size of the image that’s appropriate. You can register an account if you want more photos/videos on a regular basis.

Here’s some free stock photography sites:

Example photo: