Relationship issues - when shit hits the fan


I’ve seen every side of my girl now. I visited her in the hospital every single day this past week, sometimes visiting 2 or 3 times per day. I was also in court with her because I wanted to make sure that everything was going to be ok for her. She got off easy, which is good.

Yesterday I went into the hospital and had printed out the life card thing I found on the Internet. Her life card based on her birthday turns out to be the Queen of Diamonds. According to the description, the Queen of Diamond life is so tragic and filled with difficulties, which aligns with the life she’s told me about. Her mom was adopted and she never met her father. Her mom died at the age of 45. I won’t go into details, but apparently, the only person in her family she has left in the world happens to be a multi-millionaire who she has a great relationship with, and her family hates her because nobody else in the family (relatives) has the relationship as she does with her grandfather.

So, back to yesterday, we went into the Family Room to listen to my CD and she ended up getting angry at me. We were listening to my Believe It, which she loves, but she was trying to tell me that smoking and alcohol are not vices. That wasn’t why she was angry though. She was mentioning about doing all these drugs and I asked her if she expected to get her child back from foster care if she kept up with that lifestyle. She told me last week that she wanted a 2-bedroom apartment for her and her child. But today she said she put him up for adoption. And she told me not to speak to her like that. Seriously, how else do you expected to be talked. I told her weed and alcohol is OK, but lay off the crystal meth and all that other shit. I guess it’s my fault for bringing her child into the conversation, but I thought she made it clear that she were to get him back. WTF

I felt bad cuz I walked away yesterday without getting a hug goodbye.


I stay away from people like that. Not worth my time


@lammai I love her for and I want to keep seeing her. I know she struggling and probably cut she was a bit spoiled too. But I have a tendency to affect people in a positive way and I want to keep being a positive influence in her. She’s beautiful, she’s faithful, she turns me on. Everytime we hug I have a huge ass boner for her. I want to help her doe. She means so much to me as a child of God that I want to keep being there for her. I hope she comes thru.


Sorry to hear. Hope everything works out. Relationship can be a headache.


Damn, I am not sure the fact that you were listening a CD in 2018 blew my train of thoughts, but I was finding difficulty following your story. I need some clarity.

I am guessing you want the child but she does not (only for adoption)? Not sure what is going on. Was she saying this out of spite, because she wanted a two bedroom apartment? And, I am guessing getting this apartment is not feasible in yall situation? What do you think is behind her telling you that marijuana and alcohol are bad? This attack would be absurd if you guys live in a state where mj is legal, btw.

Anyway, yall got problems. I’m no Dr. Phil but you guys need communication.