Rave Reviews from the Critics


He’s been ranked among Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Jay Z. His music production has been described as “world class.” LISTEN to the album that has critics raving!



is this like a blog or something?


its an italian producers blog


What’s your target audience? I listened to a few of your songs and I could tell you now that you have isolated yourself from over 50% of the population. 1. Your music is vulgar; therefore, most children and elderly will not listen to your music. 2. Your music is degrading towards women. Therefore, most women will not listen to your music. 3. You or whomever you paid to edit your music need to do a better job. I like the beat but your lyrical line to line is choppy. I’m not a music producer or critics, I’m just a music lover. From Hip Hop to Country, I love them all.


I only cater to the 1%…those are my fans…that’s 70 million people. LOL