People from my past


I don’t know why all of a sudden I have people from different stages in my life from the past reach out to me. Usually they tend to ask for favors like a job referral or something - which is something I always assumed and got used to, but nope.

This guy. He was my old co-worker from 5 years ago. We used to work together, but he quit after 3 or 4 months of me being there. Anyway, he wanted to tell me that he was leaving LA for good and moving back to the East Coast. I wondered why after all these years of silence that he would reach out to me? The conversation was pretty bland and I wished him well. He got accepted into medical school.

Another guy, whom I knew in high school, has tried to keep in touch with me 13 years later. It was always on and off. I’ve ignored him for the past few years because his conversations got weird and I was asked by my now husband to stop communicating with him. He used to be one of my closest friends, but it got complicated since I learned that he never got “over me”. But we were never together to begin with.

Another guy from my university days checked my LinkedIn just now. He was obsessed with me after we did a group project together. He confessed his feelings for me in a 50 page journal that he shared with me called The Purge to be rid of feelings for me. I didn’t read past the second page.


sounds like these guys are using the job referral thing as an excuse to initiate dialogue.

the first guy seems like hes just keeping his options open. he probably was going through his mind of girls in cali he wanted to hook up with before leaving the west coast. i could be wrong, he might just be going through his contacts and saying his farewells. you be the judge.

the second guy sounds like he might have some sort of crush on you. men and women friendshps often find themselves in a sort of sexual tension. Dont ask me why but this happens alot which is why i dont have any female friends rule of thumb. sometimes we cant figure out if we wanna play monopoly or fuck each others brains out. when i was 16 i had an awkward friendship with a female friend. she was a tomboy skinny frame and shit. one night she told me she was leaving forever and she said she wanted to sleep next to me for a night LOL. nothing happened i was 16 jesus but we did lay up in bed talking about the future til morning. i never kept in touch with her. shes probably a thot somewhere

the third guy sounds like someone who hangs out on KL. what a loser. 50 PAGES? lmao motherfucker needs some closure


No, that can’t be it. First dude was not into girls since he’s totally gay. We had a good co-worker connection that’s all. I think I was one of his first memories in LA so he reached out to me – but it was weird because he never said goodbye.

Second dude, we almost got together as a couple when we were sophomores in high school. But he decided to disappear and not respond to my calls after awhile, so I just let it go. We ran into each other again in college and that’s when we started reconnecting again. He confessed that he was not ready for a relationship at that time and seeing me again made him sorry he let me get away. The feelings weren’t mutual. This was before I met my now husband. Anyway, I did recall him telling me that he compared me to every girl he ever dated – and he dated many. Some even thought I was an ex and blocked me or stalked me. To date, I have not spoken to him for almost 4 years straight, but he still continues to reach out to me any way he can. He messaged me on my IG a few days ago. Guess, he found out I got married 4 months ago. I showed the message to my husband and he said not to respond.

Aww that girl you described sounded sweet. Talking about the future all night until the sun came up? For two 16 year olds surrounded by a society that tells us losing our virginities after high school is frowned upon by the media, you guys did better by not succumbing to the stereotype.

Last dude. I have no idea why he still tries to connect with me – but he’s not as notorious as the second due. We had two classes and worked on a few projects together. We got close when my grandma passed way. That’s the only worthwhile memory I have of him. It’s weird to see him browsing my profile since we haven’t spoken in almost 6 years.


haha i assumed ya kno that the first guy was straight. i love having good coworker connections. some of them leave lifelong impressions. matter of fact half of my facebook when i had one was the people i met in the marine corps. lifelong friends even though were all scattered around the world. so i understand the sentiments when someone just wants to drop a line to say goodbye cause you never know when u might see them again. and likewise if im in town for a concert or vacation. ill always drop a line to say hey motherfucker im in town lets have a pint or two at the bar.

Sometimes its that forbidden fruit that tastes oh so sweet but oh so wrong. its one of those things where morals and self-respect that some women have or dont have that comes into play. personally i dont begrudge women if they do cheat on their spouses. i understand that when a bich gets horny niggas die - tupac. with that being said were all human so fuck what anyone thinks trying to judge people online is pretty fucking weak anyways. i wish i could punch a bich thru a monitor. motherfuckers wouldnt be talkin so much shit. but i digress to all my ladies lets play ball. and i find it admirable that you showed your husband that message. half these two timing skeezers that lurk on here would probably give it up in the backseat for a cheesburger, once again i digress but as i was saying u have some noble traits stay honest as a man i can respect that because if he found that you was talking to another nigga privately you on the low. he would automatically assume the worst so its good that you brought it up so it could be nipped in the bud before it became a cancer.

Yes she was the sweetest girl. one of my bestest friends. i wish i could go back in time and change some certain things but i dont feel sad. quite the opposite nowadays when i reminisce about the old days, doesn’t matter what, my tenure in cambodia, life on the block, marines, my lil boy, i just filter through my memories and try to hold onto the ones that help me through the dark days. at 34 i find that all the years of alcohol and marijuana has taken a heavy toll on my brain. never thought id be sitting here grasping for memories but this shit is real when you get older. its like another year of shit with nothing to show for it all the while getting further away from the olden days when the world was great. your brain just cant hold onto everything even the important memories.

as for the last guy i see this often with young men who have never had any meaningful relationships with females before in their life besides their own mother. they come into contact with a female and automatically start crushin hard. simps

to add onto the second guy never be friends with someone you wanna fuck. it always ends badly. like a fuckin plot in a movie ya kno how it goes. lol id give anything in the world for a normal marriage but as it stands im destined for a life of debauchery. i cant escape this shit it chose me lol.


Maybe it’s a sign? or maybe it’s a mere coincidence for them to all contact you at around the same time lol.I think it could be your aura. You put off this energy where it makes people feel comfortable enough to come back to you.


On the same token, there was one girl in particular who I’ve wronged (since I was young and naive back then), I messaged her on IG to apologize for what I’ve said to her but she ignored me. I am a much better and different person now than I was in my teens and early 20s - but I guess when one leaves a person feeling a certain way, she/he never forgets it. I think that’s what it is. People always think how the past could be changed to result in a better present or future - but we can’t do anything to change the past. We can only improve ourselves for a better future. People generally come into our lives for a reason, season or lifetime. I’ve learned that we cannot pull everyone from our past into our present because they were never meant to stay.