Ouija Boards Experiences


What are your experiences with Ouija boards?

My first, I made one back in the summer of 2013 with a make shift planchette and stuff was moving on it’s own. I should’ve taken a picture but I’m sure there was a demon present as stuff went downhill really quick.


my cousin used to live in a haunted house and the previous tenant left behind a ouija board.


My sister and aunt used to play it every night when we were kids. It opened a portal in that home we stayed at. Glad we moved out of there before it got worse.


I tried it in the 90’s. It didn’t work for me.

I listened to a radio show once and they talked about someone using the ouija board and it wouldn’t work for them. The person asked why and the ouija board spelled out G-O-D.



very real. watched the older kats messing with it when I was younger. something we shouldn’t be fucking with.


seein them at kaybee was close enuf. rip toys r us