Origin of Khmer name


I found these. The lead to the name Khmer.

Cambodians real name is Khmer.




Khmer is inspired by Gomer. Gomer is from the bible.


:ok_hand: loy mane! funny u finally mention this just months after sok khmai finally turn COMMUNIST (but not as bad as satanic, oligarchigal USA)>

"Gomer Not In Europe

Look in your Bible for a map – if you have one in your Bible. There you will probably have pictured the descendants of Gomer migrating into Europe! Nothing could be further from the truth. They migrated in exactly the opposite direction! But do you know why many have assumed that Gomer may be in modern Europe today? Because the people of Northwest Europe journeyed through the land of Gomer before coming to Europe and were therefore called Kymmri! Prophecy says this very fact would occur! Notice what Israel is called while in captivity: “Gomer” (Hosea 1:3). The woman “Gomer” mentioned by the prophet had the same name which the children of Israel bore when coming into Europe! The Israelites were called Khumri or Cymmri, or Khmeri, or Cimmerians upon reaching northwest Europe. But where are the descendants of Gomer today?

Gomer originally settled northeast of Elam. From here they were driven to the Caucasus, between the Black and the Caspian Sea. Then they journeyed to Southeast Asia! Notice! The native name for {21} Cambodia in Indo-China is Khmer – the land of Gomer! Read the BRITANNICA article on Cambodia. Associated with Gomer are the Chams and Annamese. Could this be only a coincidence?

The Cambodians are related to the Siamese, Burmese and other brown Mongoloids of the Indonesian Isles and the Philippines. In the ancient land of Gomer dwelled a small tribe called the Lullu (ENCY. BIBLICA, map opposite Syria). In extreme South China today dwell the Lulu, a non-Chinese race related to the people of Southeast Asia! One branch of the family of Gomer, however, did not journey to Southeast Asia. Ezekiel 38:6 explains it: “The house of Togarmah in the uttermost parts of the north, and all his bands” (Jewish translation). The far, far north means Russian {22} Siberia today! That is where the descendants of Togarmah (Gen.10:3) live. These Asiatics are still a wild nomadic people, much as they were 2500 years ago, trading “with horses and horsemen and mules” (Ezek.27:14). Ezekiel 38, then, contains a prophecy that Southeast Asia will fall to the Communists! "


Srok Khmer being under dictatorship does not automatically make it communist. Srok Khmer state having majority control over all businesses and organizations…that would be communist.