New Year Thread


It’s only October, but my mind is fast set on the New Year! What are your plans for Chinese New Year?


Chinatown 2019 invites be piling up. YEAR of the PIG.

year of the DRAGON here… what yous?


I feel like wanting to have a child in the Year of the Pig. Call me strange cuz I only met my girl for a few weeks now, but things with her are great. She’s Year of the Pig and I like her. My nephew is year of the pig and he’s intelligent as fuck. So is my mom and she’s one smart cookie. I’m a year younger than my girl–year of the Rat. I think we link cuz both Rat/Pig are both water elements. Not only that, but we both share faith in Christianity and Christ. I told her I’m also Buddhist and she’s open to it. I made a good argument for being Buddhist using the Bible as well and she’s agreeable with it. And she used to hang with Cambodians back in high school days and she knows my friend. She been constantly asking if I talked to my one Khmer friend lately lol I finally did shoot him a message and told her about it. We’re close friends, we were in Cambodia together the year of Koh Pich. We went to the same high schools too. And I mean exact same high schools. We both dropped out and graduated from Adult Ed. She graduated 2 years from adult ed earlier than me. I graduated Valedictorian, but she told me she came in second.