New American "EL GINOS"


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bruh what is el ginos lmao?


EL GINOS is clothing line of the New American clothing brand. There’s double meaning behind the EL GINOS line.

EL GINOS stand for ELGIN ON SOUND for supporters of music in Elgin County. It started as an idea for a group name belonging to SUNRIZE ANGKOR RECORDS artists from Elgin County or links to Elgin County.

EL GINOS refers to marijuana as a Gino can mean a gram or a gram of weed. It reflects the casual, cool and street culture of the NEW AMERICAN brand.

The NEW AMERICAN “EL GINOS” brand is a fundraising campaign to back the promotional efforts of Sunrize Angkor Records. We work with high school kids to promote the brand to youths, teenagers and young adults.