MERIKANG - American



Yes but aren’t you Canidang?

Please don’t taint the American image.


u be tha only one tainting the american image

i guess they call me merikang cuz i fight a lot when i was younger


Anyway its easy to get americ citizenship. omcey record label does well, i just have to invest one million dollars and employ 10 people…then the green card restriction will be lifted.


I’m one step closer though. An American music producer from Brooklyn, NY wants to work with me. I told him I’m interested.


This has to be a joke…


i think hes dead serious lol


Because you got into fights when you were younger, that makes you “merikang”?

I don’t see how that correlates


You might need to lower your IQ a few points to understand this thread.


That’s not nice, we’re not supposed to coddle people, but we’re not supposed to put them down either. We could give constructive criticism.


man this is my khmerlife over here we dont play that shit. post at your own risk


We just need to help each other out. If you go to the gym and see someone is having trouble with an equipment, help them out instead of making fun of them. I believe this is how KL died. To many people bashing on each other and it became toxic.


lol its cuz i was so different. all the khmer called me white boy


i was the only one pulled out of esl class


rofl you can try to explain all day but I think you’ll find that as Americans we can’t wrap ourselves around a canadien that styles himself as merikang if that makes any sense? i really dont care since i dont buy into all that fashion bullshit. broke college students dont need to look good imo


@Polin on behalf of @Eelnez I’ll clear it up for you. “Merikang” is a loose translation of American or anybody who live in the western hemisphere. Therefore, Canadians are “Merikang” and everybody else in the continent of America (North and South). The United States is not the only American out there. The word, “Bra-rang” was exclusively defined as French people. If you go to srok Khmer today, “Bra-rang” is defined as foreigners and you could be defined as a “Bra-rang” as well.


he aint merikang to me so that whole shit you talkin about just went out the window. see how shit works on kl?


This is not my first rodeo with KL. This was how it died a few years ago. Sadly, it looks like it’ll die again.


it doesnt make sense to call me white boy cuz i have a black dick lol


no one give a fuck about death. kl is like a phoenix it rises from the ashes of the bichs i roast alive on here.