Love My Ride! Beamer BMW. I own this car!


Got my new beamer and lovin’ this baby! I named her Val.


not bad how much u get it for


My whip! 2004 Suzuki wagon R. The black hood make it go faster.


got it for a few grands…its an older model, 2005, but has brand new transmission ($3000), drives like new


As long as you like it. Doesn’t matter what it is, how new or old it is.


This is the same year I graduated Valedictorian. I’m going to try and keep her going for a looooong time. Even if it means replacing out older/used/worn parts.


Drove my coworker’s 2017 BMW 3 series and I found comfort in it. I love cars, but damn, I THINK I made a sound decision by choosing a mortgage over a car note.

At any rate, yall need to be more specific in what kind of beamer, cuz each model serves a purpose. Then, let’s talk…


It’s a BMW 3 Series. The most premium of all the sports sedans.


Exact year and model?

Enjoy your ride, Eelnez. I don’t mean to destroy your bubble, but you may already know that all BMWs have a history of problems down the road, which is why their value is known to depreciate tremendously over time unlike their competitors.


Ran into a couple problems already but fairly minor. Namely with the radiator hose blowing off. I was on highway 401 in Toronto when it happened. Weird part was that I felt it coming. Literally.


Found the source of the problem. The reason the rad hose blew off? My mom was driving my car when I was in hospital. She didn’t know that she needed to fill the coolant and the hose blew off. Unfortunately, that means the entire component needs to be fixed. Simply can’t just stick the hose back on cuz it will blow again.