Love My Ride! Beamer BMW. I own this car!


Got my new beamer and lovin’ this baby! I named her Val.


not bad how much u get it for


My whip! 2004 Suzuki wagon R. The black hood make it go faster.


got it for a few grands…its an older model, 2005, but has brand new transmission ($3000), drives like new


As long as you like it. Doesn’t matter what it is, how new or old it is.


This is the same year I graduated Valedictorian. I’m going to try and keep her going for a looooong time. Even if it means replacing out older/used/worn parts.


Drove my coworker’s 2017 BMW 3 series and I found comfort in it. I love cars, but damn, I THINK I made a sound decision by choosing a mortgage over a car note.

At any rate, yall need to be more specific in what kind of beamer, cuz each model serves a purpose. Then, let’s talk…


It’s a BMW 3 Series. The most premium of all the sports sedans.