😭 - kLakorn?! -


computerguy passed on, i forget from what
november had a stroke!
bxkhmertoes/david disappeared, committed suicide?
wa_gangsta dude got deported for shootin his gun off if backyard
many of us relocated cross-country…

what is most memorable from over the years of kL?


Computerguy passed on because his heart (donated) gave up on him :frowning:

The most memorable for me was the online affair with metalgear and nokes.


the last KL was pretty wild, it’s sort of good that that’s history. hopefully this one will be more moderated to keep things from getting too exciting. i mean i love eating popcorn but it was too much popcorn for me to handle at times. good clean fun can be had without too much drama, that’s just me.

i like the community guidelines in this version…hopefully people will read it, LOL.


poopy to hear of KL’ers passing away.