KhmerLife vNext


Hello KL,

Just wanted to drop a line to say that we’re currently working on a new KL. I don’t want to spoil too much but we’re changing our focus to be more connected with the Khmer community all over the world.


—KL Admins


Can’t wait to see the finish product


lmao i love how this website keeps getting revamped.


You can make the most interesting thread on the forum and people still won’t care. That’s what’s depressing.


nobody wants threads they want drama.


for the next K generation… where the heck r they tho, on FB, insta, twitter? jom!


Lol… I feel like I should be hyped. But…:roll_eyes:
I hope it has like a live stream… something like twitch that be cool…lol


damn who has time for that? lol i barely have time to walk my dog.


I don’t know man just random thought lol


I got Next!