Khmer or Cambodian


I want to ask. Khmer is the Cambodian people’s real name, right? For a long time I couldn’t distinguish the difference. Cambodia appears to be man-made. This stuff is also true for other countries in the world.


I really dont understand your question but what I’ve learn is that Khmer is our language and Cambodian is our nationality.


Cambodian (Kampuchean) is to Filipino as Khmer (kamai) is to Pinoy. The shortened ethnic versions are long-evolved abbreviations.

English drags it back out, in both nationalities’ cases.


Khmer is the people, the country, and language. Cambodia is a Western version of Kampuchea and the same goes for Cambodian. There’s no such thing as Kamai, that’s a made-up word/spelling by Khmer American who doesn’t know how to spell or trying to spell it phonetically for non-speakers.


If this was an answering game, I would say Iammai has the best answer.


Wonder what do Thais traditionally call Khmers… (kon) KHMEN?


Just like you have stated, Tai call us Khmen, Kampucha, or Kamer. Depending what area they’re from and if they speak surin or not.