It was hot and I'm glad I'm back


I just got back from New York last night.

My plane landed around midnight. When I arrived to New York last Tuesday, it was sprinkling but the temperature was super hotttt.

Then it showered in the afternoon during my break in between meetings with clients. By night time, the skies cleared. Then it rained on and off until Friday. It was just humid and hot thereafter until I left New York. The weather changed so much during my short time there.

My friend from California took two days off work to spend time with me. Well it was one day off and one day to recuperate. Lol. We walked a lot. It was 5-7 miles per day exploring the cities and districts. We were sweating while walking through the streets of New York. I think I almost passed out near Times Square. The crowds of people were ridiculous that I felt so overwhelmed. At night, that’s when the crazy drivers come out and there were non-stop honking left and right.

I have to say that I will not miss New York that much. The only thing I will really miss is the food. I’ve been there enough to know that I cannot live there. California is my forever home.


yoooo how was the food out there? i woulda been in every steak house and hot pot spot lol


It gets worst in winter time. People from southern Cali can’t handle the weather there. Haha


Gosh sound so horrible! What exactly is “weather time” though?


I’d visit NY but I don’t think I have the tolerance for the people, cost of living, or the cold weather to plant roots there.


The food was bomb! I also had so much alcohol. I’m not a strong drinker to begin with. I get buzzed after three sips lol


I won’t doubt that! I hate the humidity too.


Surprisingly so - I came across a lot of polite people on my trips.


LOL sounds like you had a great time in New York. my summer has been uneventful this far. drank tons of beer for no particular reason. smoked a goddamn brick of the finest og kush just sitting around playing video games. am currently waiting for fall semester to pick up again so i can go back to being a nerd.


@jas32418 You’re hot and I’m glad you’re back to entertain us. :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you that same dude who bought an outfit to match your car?


if you’re thinking of the Canadian IT savant turned YT rap star. Then nopes!!


What?! Never knew dude rapped too.