Introduce yourself


Tell us about yourself.

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you from?
  • How you came to KL?
  • What are you expecting from this community?
  • And whatever else you want to share with all of us. :wink:


Name is Sovannara Vorn
Currently station in Ft, Hood Texas but home is California.
What am I expected of this community? To read funny arguments when I’m free at work lol


oh smack it’s kL reloaded… again o_0
i’m Neo in Cali
i trade plai/derm with neighbors and kC used to be great resource for khmai names, now everyone goes instead to NWO’s google-facebook-yt monopoly =L
hope some day there will be one stable source for such info.
chol jet svay ktiyyyy <3


in wash-shing-town

it’ll be apparent who i am, eventually. can’t hide the clumsy way i type, personality and interactive habits


Are you Khmernese? :thinking::laughing:



who’s that?!


No way?!? He can’t be! He’s not-khmernese!


is that person clumsy too?


He was clum’silly shaped like Japanese purple potatoes!


wow he sounds like a weirdo.


Ahhh he had an air of gravitas that commanded peepos attention. He knew how to captured the hearts of teenage girls, unfaithful women and curious boys. He was pure comedy gold. KL will always be the Khmernese show.


-Robert or ah saw
-Washington state
-Waaaaaaay back right when it went from ayk to khmerlife… was invited by someone from aa…

  • people to chit chat with or what not
  • going to be gettin married soon.


Hey guys!

Florida, Didn’t realize this still exist. :slight_smile:


Hola, I’m STeeL. I’m hear to steel Lalacita’s heart. lol jk