🛌 Insomniacs Dream Log


20180603: Was walking down a concrete jungle street and a dude suddenly asked me if i’m from there cuz he’s from there and was looking for one like it. For a moment I’m confuzzled as to what he’s talking about then realize he’s looking at the bag in my hand it is an empty bookbag with the letters NWZ.I go to tell him no I need it then realize I already have one on my back so I consider gifting it but start to wonder what the heck does the NWZ mean, and wake up.Couple times today I pondered what NWZ meant the first hunch was New Zealand but why the W then?


20180616: Suddenly find myself in a futuristic convoy of sorts - seems like on Mars! and the other soldiers asked where’s your gun. About to say I’m a civilian then realize they will ask then what the heck you’re doing here so I say tech crew instead. Never got to see the ‘enemy’ even after went back to sleep hoping the dream would resume but never did. In retrospect reminds me of the Westworld previews though still havent even watched one episode yet.


bruh i have dreams of my son. its wierd as fuck i be waking up sweating like damn. lol


Man, I’ve been having many nightmare stints these past couple of weeks. I’m not sure if it’s me stressing or the scary things I occasionally watch lol

The most recent nightmare involved one of my closest friends being emotionally hurt and in my attempt to console her, I lost my job and my car fell into oblivion and drowned. My nightmares do not make sense and often times are fast paced.


do you ever die in your dreams? i been shot stabbed and all types of shit in my dreams. always some type of violence going down.


Dang that’s scary. You must not look forward to sleeping. I don’t have that many violent nightmares. I do remember a few years ago that I had an awful nightmare that I was raped :frowning:


yo im tellin you shit gets dark. i had a dream one time i got shot in the head lol