I’ve never felt betrayed


Sometimes, I just hate myself because I went above and beyond for my family, especially for my mother and not caring for myself. I would do anything for them. There are times, that I’m scare to speak out or ask for advices from other people and it worries me that people would judge me for helping and letting my family use me. I keep secrets from friends and anyone that knows me personally. I want them to see that my family didn’t need me and they can stand on their own feet. Unfortunately, I am my family’s backbone. Without me, I’m sure they’ll survive but it’s a heart breaking because they are the only people I love and I have to help them. Again, they screwed me many times and yet, I forgive and forgot. If I were to explained how I did everything for them, you wouldn’t believe in me or maybe judge me and push me in my face.

To be continued…


When can we expect the next installment of this blog? I’m hooked already!


What did they do? lol yes im nosy like that


Don’t be so hard on yourself! Most parents from the older generation do not know how to be compassionate and understanding. They have their own way of expressing love. Your mom may not appreciate you enough in the way that you anticipate or would like, but the fact that she depends on you speaks volumes to important you are to her for her to rely and be trusting of you. My parents are the same way. I handle all of the paperwork duties and help translate things. Honestly it does get annoying that my dad only talks to me when he needs something, but I realize that it’s way of saying that he values me. He was never one to communicate his feelings through loving words. It was definitely hard to accept that growing up. I’m sure your parents are very grateful to have you as their daughter! One day they’ll realize all that you’ve done. Don’t let their naive perceptio of love discourage you.


It really is a shame when people/family take advantage of others and take others for granted. It is part selfishness, inconsiderateness, and a little bit controlling and manipulative. But on the flip side, we gotta grow some balls or backbone to stand up for our selves too.