Human ancestors advanced


They tell you that humans came from monkeys or apes. When you look at ancient civilizations and the complex structures, they are sophisticated. Some people think they are advanced. Does it make sense that all of this happened if people were monkeys and came from cavemen who only had sticks, stones, and fire?


I don’t think we’re from monkeys/apes, but we do share common genetic characteristics.


Scientism would have us believe in evolution even if it has no proof. They use “time” as a factor to explain away their theories. Like petroleum is the result of millions of years of fossilized decay. LOL
We supposedly evolved from monkeys, yet monkeys didn’t go extinct. Horse shoe crabs still around but every creataceous, triassic and jurassic creature are extinct. LOL


Whatever happened to AquilaKLAXFoot? I never heard of the Denisovans until his mention of them on the old kL