How is your commute to work?


I’ve taken a different approach this year as I do every year to spice things up. Being in a car is just plain boring and when I get road rage, it brings the demon out in me. Last year I was an avid rollerblader but as I packed my blades away for the winter, it felt like learning all over again which whatever, I’m not down for learning.

I try lots of new ways to get to work, mainly in ways to meet people, stop to get coffee, meet the convenience store clerk, having my job pay for my bus/train tickets just to pretend I’m an important person. I sit and look at how many people have their faces glued to their phones and tally those that have neither headphones in and just looking out the window and those jabbering endlessly how much they have a business meeting which really means a bunch of b/s that they could tone down so I could hear myself think. I plug my headphones in without any music or sound to see if anyone is paying attention to my absolute bliss of silence in my non-sound producing headphones. Then when I get in my car, I just want to flick off the next driver that doesn’t use their turn signal. I’m so over it that I Uber and Lyft to hear about the guy that doesn’t sleep yet his car smells like sweat and breath making ends meet to take me to point A to B and telling me his true potential and that ride sharing is only temporary. The only guy I truly believed had a really nice 2007 Ford Expedition. Older model but clean, ballin status and made upwards to $700 a week since he was a tier up from the basic rides. His ride was nice and when I complimented him, he already knew so there was no point.

How do you get to work and is it worth it?


in 2016 and 2017 i didnt even have a car, so would just walk to the post office every weekday to drop packages off. my neighbor is like 80yo and still walks to hilltop park most every day!

then back in september crossing the street from the post office i got hit by some old man in a toyota corolla?orcamry? and it sent me flying several feet in the air all the while i was thinking ‘wth just hit me it just crashed across my whole body like a truck yet felt like an angel just flew between the vehicle and me for a moment to soften the blow…’

sure enough when i look around i wasn’t missing any limbs or bloody so just got up and told the old fella sitting behind the wheel in shock not knowing what to do he’s so lucky i’m not ur average mr smith!

a lady came running and was like omg omg r u sure u alright, i saw everythang lemme call u an ambulance son… anyways i walked away unscathed by the grace of God and not even 2 weeks later my parents flew out from nyc and surprised me with a lexus hybrid after realizing i had gone so long without a car and had finally got hit!


I free load off of friends, family members, coworkers, and unsuspecting animals.


After moving back from Texas, my commute to my new duty station was an hour and 10 minutes. Pomona to Bell… worst ever. But luckily the military has a program where I can get free Metrolink train ride, which is about 30 mins max. Love it!


Omg i just got back from Bell… WTF was up with all that traffic?! ended up going local all the way south on Alantic! =L


Lol I’m off of Bandini…I hate the traffic!! Ubereats is my best friend when it comes to lunch hahaha


how can I get this free Metrolink train ride?


It’s a military program