How do you know a girl/guy likes u


for me its obvious. when a girl stands there and plays with her hair she wants u. i run into this many times. eg i be at a gas station paying for gas then a girl come stand next to me playing with her hair lol


for guys liking girls…i know this much may be true. i was over at a khmer girl house today picking up a lawn mower and for some reason when she came talk to me i had my hand behind my head elbows out…and just itching the back of my head. damn not sure how she got me into that position


When they make time every day out of their busy life for you.


so does that mean you like me?


She probably like you as a person, I dont know if she likes you-likes you :stuck_out_tongue:


lololol ill take that as a yes :slight_smile:


Oops, I read it wrong. I thought you wrote “she” referring to the gal you spoke on the phone with. No, I do not like you, Polin. :joy:


Haha my words made you blush so hard you couldnt read it properly i know